Rock – Paper – Scissors, takeoffs

Holly Cow are you kidding me, you would rather go thru the below than use a software program that is already available e to use, Planswift. Part of the Project management glossary: Take off, sometimes spelled as take-off or takeoff, Continue reading The post Rock Paper Scissors, takeoffs appeared first on Takeoff Software | Construction Estimating | Blueprint Software.

Technology Is Driving Evolution of Estimating

As technology continues to transform the construction industry, estimators increasingly have access to new tools to help them stay on the cutting edge. In a recent article in “The Contractor’s Compass,” a publication of the American Subcontractors Association, PlanSwift® President James Purpura examines how technology has reshaped the estimating profession over the years – and how the latest technology is helping estimators do their work more easily. Recent years have seen the arrival of powerful tools designed specifically to help professional estimators. These sophisticated tools are not just enabling estimators to do their jobs more easily; in a larger sense, they are driving the evolution of the profession. Central to these next-generation solutions is the simplification and automation of the manual, math-heavy and paper-based tasks that have traditionally made up much of the estimating process. …And, in a key change, such software has enabled estimators to embrace digi

So Much Software!-So Little Time.

Are you researching Construction Project Management Software?  You might feel a little overwhelmed by the volume of promotional material that you are finding? Maybe you are thinking, “I’ve got to have a system, so I can make the best choice. Where do I start?” I’ve been in construction for over 20 years. When I look at all the web sites for different construction software, I ask myself, if I were new to this where would I begin?  This is an intro to that process. The problem: There are hundreds of programs out there. Ask yourself these questions to help sort out what you need 1)          Are you a General Contractor? 2)         Are you a Subcontractor? 3)         Do you need Quantity Take Off software? 4)         Do you need Estimating software? 5)         Do you need Bid Management capability? 6)         Do you need Project Management? 7)         Do you need Accounting? 8)         Do you need Job Costing? 9)

On-Site or On-line, That is the question!

You will see reference to On Site and to On-Line Construction Project Management Software. There’s two ways to store and access your construction data. On your own computer/server, On-Site or on a software company’s server, which is On-Line. An example of other On-Line computer applications would be You Tube or Face book or Yahoo mail or Google Mail. On-Line applications are getting used all over the place. Which is the best way to go?  It really depends on a couple of factors. The advantage of having your data On-Site is that you can feel that you have control over who can see that data and you can access it without having Internet access. The advantages of having On-Line storage are numerous. The data is backed up and redundantly stored, so no worries about computer failure.  Your software provider updates the software automatically.  The data is accessible to employees regardless of where they are. So, Your PM in San Diego can be entering information to the same database tha